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Kyto Electronic Co., Limited

Heart Rate Monitor

Personal Care Appliances
Heart Rate Monitor


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Offer Category: Personal Care Appliances  -  Heart Rate Monitor

Offer Post Time: 2011-02-16

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Function:It can send your heart rate value into computer or mobile by bluetooth,with 7 days momery, can unload data by USB,

1. Only: As far as we know, in China, KYTO electronic factory is the only factory which has developed and produced Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor.
2. Features: Bluetooth, 7days’ memory,USB2.0, Storing data, working under online or offline mode, Rechargeable battery, Bluetooth OPP and SPP protocol ,Indicator light.
3. Contents: The contents that Bluetooth heart rate belt can detect as following: equipment type, equipment ID, max. electric quantity, remain electric quantity, time, max. memory, remain memory, testing time, duration time, heart rate, ave. heart rate, max. heart rate, min. heart rate, calorie burned, testing precision.
4. Strong anti-jamming capability: One person’s heart rate to one bluetooth mobile phone or PC, many persons’ heart rate to one bluetooth mobile phone or PC, many persons’ heart rate to many bluetooth moblie phones or PCs.
5. Online and Offline Modes: Bluetooth heart rate monitor can work under both modes.

Online Mode: bluetooth heart rate belt keeps connecting with the bluetooth mobile phone or PC, and transmits data to mobile or PC in real time.

Offline Mode: It means when the heart rate belt doesn’t connect to bluetooth mobile phone or PC. It will collect a variety of heart rate & other data and save them automatically.

When you do exercise outside, you don’t need to worry that you can’t track the workout. You just need to wear the chest strap and do exercise, the chest strap will store the data, and after workout, you can connect it with PDA, PC or other sports equipment to see the workout.

6. Rechargeable battery: The battery can be recharged and discharged repeatedly about 500 times.
7. Parameter :We can set all kinds of parameter of Bluetooth heart rate belt via mobile or PC, including alarm conditio (max. heart rate or other alarm conditions), heart rate transmitting frequency, etc.
It can be set the heart rate transmitting frequency from 3s to 250s

8. Transmission mode of heart rate chest strap:

Communication with mobile and PC via Bluetooth OPP and SPP protocol.

real-time collection of data passed to the mobile phone or PC.

9. Bluetooth indicator light

Power: Green

To be power off: Red

Recharge (from power off to recharging completion) : Red to Green

Bluetooth equipment or USB equipment is on connecting: Green light flashing quickly.

Bluetooth equipment or USB equipment is on communicating: Green light flashing slowly.